Out Back Frank

Hello I’m Frank and ill be your guide I’m an avid Pennsylvania outdoorsman I enjoy Hunting,Fishing,Camping,etc…

I started this blog to peak the intrests of children teens and adults from everywhere any race color or religion is welcome here I would like to share my adventures with you and also invite your comments and pictures too I will try to post as much as I can Thank You.

With todays fast paced society I see kids that would rather be inside playing video games and texting on their phones they have no idea of the amazing beauty and wonder of the world around them that also goes for adults well the moto here is simple just GET OUT.

The winter months are coming to an end here in PA and we are getting warmer days if you can call 40 and 50 degrees warmer but I for one am glad I have cabin fever as I’m sure a lot of outdoors people have but in a short week opening day of Trout will be here and ill be out there throwing some rooster tails and thanking god that winter has come to an end.

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