Hi welcome to the camping page I have been camping my whole life and love every second of it my family started when I was 6 months old but I don’t remember that far back I do remember the canvas tents and going every summer some place new a lot of times with my aunt and uncle and their family.

those were great times I have lots of memories of the good times we had and as I got older I went on my own sometimes with just the essentials it was a good confidence builder being on my own and surviving .

And as I got older and got married had children I took them camping to teach them about the outdoors and experiencing the same things I did as a child well me and the wife don’t do the tent thing anymore due to health and creaky bones.

So now we have a camper and a permanent site at Quakerwoods campground in Quakertown PA and we cant wait till winter is over so we can get back there we spend most of the summers there and have many friends its such a great way to spend life.

Any way that book brang back some great memories  from my childhood in the early sixties i remember the old canvas cabin tent i can still remember helping Dad set it up in the back yard to air it out a day or two before our journey i could just about smell that musty odor sitting in the waiting room of the doctors office.

And the old coleman two burner stove that you had to pour the fuel into and then pump it before lighting same with the coleman lantern and them heavy sleeping bags well all this got me thinking and i would love to get some old pictures from all of you old timers out there and maybe some stories i know i have a ton of them and im going to have to dig some of my pictures out to share to ill be sure to share more stories and not only the old ones soon OUT BACK FRANK.

Hi Frank here again well as promised i have the name of the book that i mentioned in my last post and it is Reminisce Family Road Trips put out by Readers Digest i saw used copies on amazon for as low as 7.95 not bad also you can follow them on Facebook and Pinterest.

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